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In times when humans have been exploiting nature for profits, Prameya offers an unique alternative to balance the equilibrium. Prameya envisions a greener planet, and scientific approach towards nature conservation without hampering the economy.

Our GREEN ECONOMY INITIATIVE aims at reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment and creating green jobs. Our Green economy initiative involves:


Responsible Tourism Projects: Eco tourism is a responsible tourism which conserves the environment and sustains the wellbeing of the local people by providing, alternate livelihood, poverty elevation, environmental protection and awareness, new opportunities, education


Agriculture, Food Production and Forestry: Grafting and plantation of mango, cashew and other trees to yield high value produce, promoting rearing and breeding of high yield cows and buffaloes, promoting rearing and breeding of poultry and ducks.


Scientific Sustainable Methods of Fisheries: Providing technical and scientific knowledge to locals in relation to sustainable methods of fisheries, implementing modern techniques of fishery, creating a link connecting the fishery and markets.

Skill Development Programs: Computer literacy and English literacy, linkages to higher education and career counselling. Carry out successful education programs for adults and children  through various techniques like classroom management, positive disciplining, administrative trainings, computer skill training, multiple intelligence and more. Environment education. Empowering skill development programs focusing on enhanced livelihood, creating socially and environmentally conscious citizens who are catalysts for change,

agro-industry, hospitality industry.


Creating green jobs: Creating sustainable employment in Eco tourism projects, agro-industry, poultry farming   and fisheries.


Goals in Action


The Earthen Retreat Sundarbans

Located at Tridipnagar village in Jharkhali, against the backdrop of a typical Bengali countryside, overlooking the Sundarban Tiger Reserve on the bank of Vidyadhari and Herobhanga, the Earthen Retreat conjugates sustainable tourism and agriculture to provide an authentic experience


Responsible Tourism Workshop

The only model of development suited for the Himalayan ecosystem is sustainable development. Keeping that in mind, through our Responsible Tourism Programme we aim to promote a healthy growth of tourism, providing direct financial benefits to the local communities while conserving the local flora and fauna at the same time. In this light, a workshop was organised on Sustainable Tourism with the members of the Guides and Porters Association at Dhotrey. A survey was also conducted regarding the sustainability of present tourism practices there.

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