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Prameya is a non-profit organisation that deals in environmental conservation and rural development. We are a group of young travelers, belonging to different professional backgrounds, all of whom have come to acknowledge the plight of the local communities in places that are valued for their natural beauty in tourism but are worst affected by the global climate change. Our organization is rooted in personal will and endeavor to resist and counter the effects of climate change on the most vulnerable ecosystems like in the Eastern Himalayan belt and in Sundarbans. Our initiative is based on the realisation of the fact that though the indigenous communities of our hills and mangroves contribute the least to global climate change, they are the worst affected by its consequences. Overall rise in temperature and the resultant melting of glaciers has its immediate effects on agriculture, rise in sea level and increased frequency of cyclones, all of which directly affect the local communities inhabiting these vulnerable ecosystems. Prameya was founded in 2016 as we initiated our first project in one of the worst affected ecosystems: the mangrove forests of Sundarbans. We began our work in ecosystem conservation by facilitating education and empowerment of the local communities. Later we expanded to the Eastern Himalayan belt, with a community empowerment project in Gorkhey and Samanden. Our primary objective here was local empowerment via eco-tourism.

Prameya aims to foster environmental sustainability through community empowerment projects like school education, skill development and agri-tourism. We strive to promote the concept of self-sustaining eco villages and fight for the rights of the indigenous local communities comprising forest dwellers, farmers, fishermen and other communities, all of whom are vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Prameya is deeply committed to counter the effects of climate change and facilitate coexistence of humans in harmony with nature.


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