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Education and Empowerment of local Communities leads to the conservation of nature and its resources which in turn helps in the adaptation and mitigation of Climate Change.


Prameya has taken up various initiatives in the two most Climate impacted locations in India i.e. Himalayas and Gangetic Delta Mangrove Belt. The Himalayas have been impacted by the depleting Glaciers and Sunderbans by the ever rising sea level.


Goals in Action


Formation of a Mangrove Nursery and Prameya Mangrove Action Committee

The women of Jharkhali's Tridipnagar village came forward and formed a Mangrove Action Committee to take charge of Prameya's Mangrove Nursery and our future plantation projects under our Mangrove Conservation and Restoration initiative.


Clean and Heal the Sandakphu Trail

Prameya Foundation's “Cleanand Heal the Sandapkhu Trail " was a community based waste collection drive which went on for five days. A total trek of 43 kmswas covered from Dhotrey - Gairibas - Kalipokhri - Sandakphu - Gurdum –Srikhola. We collected more than 100 kgs of plastic waste and another 50 kgs of glass bottles. They were sent downhill for recycling. We are thankful to the soldiers of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) and the Forest Department personals of the Singalila National Park for joining and supporting this initiative.


Singalila Policy Signature Campaign

Clean up programmes alone won't bring any change. For creating an impact, stringent policies are needed. Keeping that in mind, Prameya initiated a community based awareness program and a signature campaign on it's proposed 'Singalila Policy' and held group discussion at the villages inside the Singalila National Park.

Prameya’s proposed 'Singalila Policy' for the sustainable development in the area includes:

1. A complete ban on plastic bottles and polythene in the entire trekking route.


2. Construction of waste segregation bins.


3. Public bio-toilets.

4. Waste disposal and recycling strategies.

5. Medical emergency facilities for trekkers, tourists and locals.

6. Immediate repair of the Shrikhola Bridge.

The said proposal along with the signatures of the villagers was submitted to the District Magistrate, Divisional Forest Officer and the Chairman of the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration.


Climate Change Vulnerebelity Assessment Survey at Gorkhey and Samanden

Himalayan region is one of the most vulnerable areas where the effects of climate change are getting real every day. Our climate change impact/vulnerability assessment survey revealed that the picturesque forest villages of Gorkhey and Samanden have not been able to escape the adverse effects of global warming and climate change. The locals unequivocally accepted that their livelihood is getting affected adversely because of climate change. According to them erratic rainfall, decreased crop productivity, man-animal conflict along with hotter and longer summers have become frequent phenomenon over the past couple of years.

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