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Red Panda is an indicator specie. Their declining population foreshadows larger ecological issues in the Singalila Forest and highlights the effects of global climate change.

They play a critical role in the conservation of the Eastern Himalayan broad-leaf forests, especially in Singalila. They play an ambassador role to help tell the world about how important it is to protect this region. They are the only specie of their kind and are emblematic for a landscape that supports over 500 million people, nearly 10% of the global human population.

Unfortunately in present day, there may be as few as 2,500 red pandas remaining in the wild. Hence there is an immediate need to protect and conserve this unique specie.

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Our Intervention in the Singalilas

Spreading Awareness

In collaboration with Herbs and Kettles - an Atlanta based social enterprise, and the local communities, we are committed to spreading awareness on the importance of Red Pandas in their immediate environment, and about the dangers posed by poaching and trafficking of the Red Panda population. This includes awareness workshops for school children and the local inhabitants through distribution of information about anti-trafficking, and their importance in the Singalila ecosystem.

Presence Absence Survey

We shall conduct a detailed presence-absence wildlife survey in the Singalila region to devise an effective specie conservation management strategy. This includes workshops to augment the skill and indigenous knowledge of forest guards, local specialists, trek guides, and the inhabitants of the region; covering anti-poaching investigation, patrolling techniques, as well as strengthening of the wildlife laws.


Habitat Restoration

Our long term plan is to mobilize local communities and convince other like minded organizations, government bodies and individuals to collaborate together in a habitat restoration program. We shall work towards connecting existing Red Panda corridors within the Singalila region to bolster other conservation programs in place. This we hope shall provide these creatures with a safe and lush environment to breed and flourish. 

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