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The greatest existential crisis facing humanity today is Climate Change. And it is more than just another environmental issue because most of its consequences are social, economic and humanitarian. Although the poor of this world are contributing the least to its escalation, but they are the ones who are suffering the most from effects of Climate Change due to lower rainfall, extreme weather systems and their dependence upon the land.


We aim to establish solidarity networks that will bridge the gap between decision-makers such as governments and local leaders and other stakeholders like local business owners, community leaders and the community as a whole. This is aimed at advancing pragmatic action by which leaders can accelerate climate action and the ecological transition that puts people — at the centre of climate policies and actions.


RTI on 'The Status of Retreating Himalayan Glaciers due to Climate Change'

RTI on 'The Status of Vulnerable Glacial Lakes Formed due to the Melting of Glaciers'

RTI on 'The Extension of Concrete Metal Road in the Singalila National Park'

Representation to the DM and DFO of Darjeeling on Sustainable Tourism and Single Use Plastic Management in the Singalila National Park Area

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