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The Earthen Retreat Sundarbans

One can almost smell the whiff of old world charm from a distance. Rustic hints are everywhere, from the huts to hay stacked roofs, climbers wrapped fencing with enchanting views of paddy fields, mangroves and river banks. Cupping hot tea on sprawling lawns, one can try to imagine the bygone era when the forest spread from right here to the dense forests of South Bengal.



  • Run with environmental sustainability as its core focus, The Earthen Retreat Sundarbans aims to be a positive force for the people and nature with whom we co-exist. We are committed to the principles of sustainable community based agri-tourism. The project aims to create as much local involvement and benefit as possible and, through retaining largely traditional processes, remains deliberately labour intensive.

  • The cottages are ethnically designed and constructed with natural materials like bamboo, wood, grass and mud. Hence name The Earthen Retreat. It is a blend of the age-old tradition of earth houses using local resources with some comforts and amenities of a modern day holiday home.

  • ‘Farm to Table’ and locally sourced - The farm to table philosophy embraces a sustainable approach to agriculture and dining. At its heart, the concept is simple; there is value in eating locally. The concept touts the benefits reaped by those who both produce and consume local food, as well as the environment as a whole.

  • We directly route 25% of the aggregate annual income from this project back to the local community and environment through the Prameya Pathshala and Prameya Mangrove Nursery. Thus, enhancing self-development and sustainability. So you can keep billing and we will be happy to serve, so will the locals.

  • We follow a formulated waste management system here. Kitchen wastes and other bio degradable wastes are composted to create bio-fertilizers. Other non – biodegradable wastes are segregated. The compound is a ‘No Single Use Plastic Zone’. We also follow grey water recycling system.

  • The project as a whole provides a model alternate livelihood opportunity for the locals so as to reduce their dependency on the forest. The project also adds to their income from the sale of locally sourced farm products, fish and meat.

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